Altovation launches military veterans support

Altovation has taken a step towards supporting military veterans by having designed a particular program that helps veterans develop their business ideas into viable businesses.

Many military veterans returned from various armed forces in the early 1990’s and after limited payouts were left to fend for themselves. Many of these individuals turn to crime to support their livelihoods, and furthermore, a study revealed that more than 60% of veterans are disabled.

We estimate that more than 70,000 veterans and the 200,000 members of their families have had limited access to opportunities.

To this effect, Altovation has launched a program to seek funding and support for military veterans to start their businesses. We found that companies do not tap into veterans who have amazing skills. A typical veterans CV would have many skills, very few of which would fit the competencies requested by the average company looking for an employable resource. The stigma attached to someone with a military background also does not help this community to get work outside of the security sector. Many of the skills that are present in these individuals include high leadership abilities, exceptional organisational abilities, strong planning focus and attention to detail.

In other parts of the world, veterans are recognised as a valued addition to any workforce and additionally often have preferential access to entry level jobs, where their real discipline and skill can make a difference.

Altovation encourages veterans to register for the program on this site at as we are collecting the necessary information for each of the veterans to be able to raise funding for the program better.

Because veterans are a vulnerable community, there are requirements regarding the BBBEE codes and other frameworks for particular types of procurement to be directed to this community.

We believe that it is the time that we build pride in our country and that supporting our veterans is the first step in this direction.

If you feel that you can support us in this initiative we look forward to hearing from you.

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