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The Altovation Entrepreneurship program is a state of the art practical learning program that teaches you to start and run a business successfully. Many top commentators have concluded that entrepreneurs are not being taught the right skills in school or university. We are changing that.

The Altovation program helps any person that is willing to put up their hands and say “I am an entrepreneur” to move step by step to designing and executing on a real business that solves a significant problem for a customer. We challenge our delegates to create a business that can turn over at least R 2 million per annum.

These days you are competing in the workplace with people that often has HUNDREDS OF CERTIFICATES but that have NO BUSINESS SKILLS.
The Altovation program teaches you real business skills that will allow you to survive, to prosper and to grow. Also, through the Altovation community of entrepreneurs, you are working with people that speak your language, and that understand what you are experiencing.

Do you believe that six weeks from starting this program you would have sold your first product and have built a business that keeps on selling for the rest of your life? You can.

There is a lot of fake entrepreneurship education. Riaan Steenberg, the designer and leading presenter of this program has through his PhD degree created a process to start-up and run a business practically. He has started more than 15 businesses in his career and has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs to start-up their businesses. This knowledge and experience are now available to you.

With your own business, you will soon be able to afford to study any degree that you want to – and your education at a top school will then most likely help you to run your business better. Learn with us today, and your future will change forever.

That is why we have created our money back guarantee. If you follow all the steps diligently and you can prove that our methods do not work, we will happily refund your money. To make that work – we take motivating you seriously.

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Riaan inspired those around him to achieve success and it was an absolute please working with him and being able to tap into his vast knowledge. I learnt a lot from him and know that he would be of massive benefit to any organisation where he is involved.

Lauren vd Merwe
CEO, Digital Nomad