Get a bankable financial plan without the stress

Tired of Being Rejected for a Good Idea?

  • Banks and financiers turn down 19 out of 20 plans due to poor financials. 
  • You can now have a brilliant presentation based on  detailed business projections and business sense. 
  • For most of us, numbers are the challenging part of putting together a business plan - all that can change for you.

Hi, I'm Riaan Steenberg, MBA, PMP. I have been looking for tools to help entrepreneurs grow and have sourced the best solutions for entrepreneurs.

You can raise money from a financier, if you can present your idea to them in financial terms. 

Right now, there is hundreds of millions of rands available for entrepreneurs to start businesses. In our discussions with financiers, they have all said that the main challenge is that the information that is presented to them is of such poor quality that they have to reject 95% of all applications. The good news is that this increases the amount of money that is available for people with good business plans. 

Through our entrepreneurship education program, we assist businesses to create great business ideas. Through our Bizz Plan software, we assist you to put those ideas out as a bankable business plan that would drastically improve your ability to be funded by a bank. 

You want a solution that takes the hassle out of business planning! We have built a tool that asks you all the underlying assumptions of your business. You choose the type of business that you are in, and through answering questions, you are able to get an idea of the type of funding that will be required to make your business work. 

Business plans are not worth much if they do not show your incomes, expenses, sources and uses of funds and the validity of your assumptions. This software helps you with all of this. 

You want a decent solution to your business planning needs. 

Take your handwritten notes and ideas and through our easy to use, web based software we give you real time feedback on your business requirements. Sometimes our clients find out that they do not need external funding. This tools then helps you understand your real requirement for money. 

Banks do not want to fund you if your cashflows are positive all the time. Bizz Plan helps you understand when you are going to need external funding (and when you won't)

More than giving you answers, the software is also designed in a way that it shows you how it got to specific answers. All funders what to know that you understand your numbers. Through friendly help text throughout the application, you learn how numbers was arrived at and how to explain these to funders. 

You want to know that your business will work - for you. 

One of the main reasons why people are afraid of starting businesses is that they are scared of the financial implications of their decisions. Because we feel that money is unpredictable and we do not know what the implications of our decisions are, we make poor decisions when we start our business. Bizz Plan assists through creating visibility of our future decisions. 

Your great idea, needs a great plan. 

Have you ever had a great idea, and then wondered what it will take to achieve this great dream? 

The most frustrating aspect of starting a business is to convince your friends, loved ones and business partners that the business idea is viable. To do this - one often have the correct emotions, but the hard question to answer is - is it going to work? To answer this you need good facts and good figures. 

Ideas that are not commercialized - remain ideas - a good idea is worth a million rands if you can put a great plan behind it.

Simple to use and practical tool for creating a business plan and financials. 

We use simple dropdown and an intuitive interface to allow you to go through the process of business planning. You need one more staff member - see the impact of this on your bottom line. You ran out of cash in month 3, what if you delay that hiring decisions for 1 month - how will it impact production? Through the innovative solution that we created you can make business decisions, even before you start. 

Getting started is simple - you receive a login and detailed instructions. 

Complete simple sections and see the results of your changes immediately. 

Your ideas are shaped and you can see if you need to do more or less. 

Why do you need a business planning solution?

  • Business planning is complex and many things interact with each other. 
    A small change in one area of your business can have a massive impact on your overall result, without you even realizing it. Our software helps you to keep track of the changes and gives you visibility of the impact of your decisions. 
  • Built in business models for most major industries
    Our team has researched more than 30 industries including all major service, manufacturing, online, logistics and production industries. By choosing a pre-built business model we can help you short-cut the assumptions and teach you something about how those businesses are run. We are also constantly adding new businesses and industries to help you branch out into new areas of business. 
  • Create a set of bankable financials and a complete business plan that is written by you, for you and that draws on best practice
    Investors want to know that you understand your numbers. By choosing our software you are not only changing the game, you are taking control of your business and your destiny. 

This is the only business planning solution that was developed in Africa, to solve problems that are unique to businesses in Africa. 

You need a solution that can solve all your business planning needs

A comprehensive business planning solution must cover all the bases - good product analysis, good financial integration and best practices from industry. 

The solution that we have created has unique qualities. It was developed to solve the real challenges of people that have great ideas and that need the financials to back up those ideas. Together with the education that we offer we give you an end to end solution that allows you to not only start a business, but to run it successfully. 

Most businesses fail because they do not have the correct focus in the beginning. By knowing what will happen financially, you will not only succeed but you will thrive because you are not entering an uncertain venture, but one that has been planned. If you see that your projections do not work out, our software allows you to relook the business and make decisions that will allow you to understand what will happen from there. 

You can plan better than your accountant

It is hard to find someone that takes the time to run through your business. With our solution we give you great assistance and allow you to think through what you are doing. 

Accountants do not know what will happen in your business, only how to do accounting. You can now make the most out of your ideas and put some numbers behind them. 

If you are an accountant - you will appreciate that your customers need to understand the business that they are involved in. Why not send them to a tool that can help make sense out of the cents. 

You can have the solutions that will change your destiny

Here it is: BIZZ PLAN

The perfect solution to your business planning needs have been created. 

While we were holding back before, it's now time to be very specific. Talk about your product, what it is, what your customer gets when they purchase. At this point, after all the buildup, your readers really want to know what you have to offer, so don't hold back.

  1. Your planning tool: A complete business planning toolkit that takes you through all your startup assumptions. 
  2. Your financial companion: you know that every aspect of your business that you change has a financial implication and now you can understand if it will make you richer or poorer. 
  3. Bankable business plans: Get a solution that conforms to the expectation of banks to produce pro-forma financials and long term income statement, balance sheet and cash flow projections with clear explanations of how these assumptions were derived. .

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“If I knew that spending R 2500 could save me hundreds of thousands before I started, I would have spent the money.”

“I spent more than R 400,000 starting up my business. If I knew that this was what it was going to take before I started, I would have approached things differently. Im am so glad this type of solution is now available to everyone out there"

Quentin McCullough
- CEO - BizzBean

You can start planning your business professionally today

You can take your own destiny into your hands today with the most powerful and relevant business planning tool that has been created to date. You will have a bankable business plan with only a couple of hours of effort. Save hundreds of thousands and get this essential tool for as little as R 2,500 incl VAT. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Riaan Steenberg
Founder of Altovation

Why buy from me?

I used to work with funding businesses through private equity and have been working on teaching entrepreneurs for more than a decade. I really looked hard for a practical solution to business planning software. Even going to leading agencies can cost you as "little" as R 50,000 for a template plan. I am so happy that we can bring this practical solution to so many people today. 

When I started my first business on my own, I failed because I did not have the financial skills that I have today. I love this product as it finally gives people the ability to rise above the finances and focus on doing the right thing for their business. 

You think that you do not need and cannot afford this software?

When you go to a funding agency without a business plan, they spend the first R 50,000-R100,000 of the funding to give you what Bizz Plan gives your for R 2,500. The challenge is that you pay interest, equity shares and long term guarantees for that R 100,000. 

You may say that you do not have R 2,500 to invest in your idea. If there is 1 cent that you choose to spend on building a business, it should be towards ensuring you have a good plan. Failing to plan, is planning to fail. It is not necessarily about the final document that you produce, but the process of going through your plan is very, very important. 

Create a sense of comfort for everyone involved by building a business plan and professional financials with a world of support. 

Bizz Plan vs Other solutions

Here's a section that you can use for many purposes. For example, you can use it to showcase how your solution is better than other solutions out there. Or, compare the problems your reader is facing right now with the great solutions they'll enjoy once they purchase.

The Bizz Plan Advantage

  • Simple to use interface
  • No complex formulas that you have to learn off by heart
  • Input data once and get a view of the impact on your business plan and your financials
  • Understand your real funding requirements
  • Not dependent on an external consultant for expensive advice. 

Other solutions

  • Pay with expensive experience to learn lessons that you could have avoided with good planning
  • Avoid getting charged hundreds of thousands of rands for business planning that you do not understand
  • One time only plans that are hard to adjust. 
  • Avoid foreign templates with strange currency and language that is "copy and paste" 

What you get

  • A full business planning solution
  • A full set of financials including balance sheet, income statement and cash flow forecast
  • Clear explanations of all the underlying calculations
  • Clear understanding of your funding requirements
  • A bankable business plan that would be accepted by most banks. 
  • Support to understand the results of your plan. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get your plan done in 3 months from when you started, just let us know and we'll refund you.

Riaan Steenberg

P.S.:: I really want you to succeed. I have searched far and wide for a solution. The pricing that we gave initially for this product is very low. We expect this to increase in the next short while. I really want you to benefit from this pricing and urge you to take charge of your dreams now and to not delay. 

Yes, I want to start my Bizz Plan now!